Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mono is so 70s

While the rest of the world has blazed past mono, through stereo, and on to dolby and surround, I've regressed.

Just kidding... mostly.

This past week, what with a compromised immune system from all the drugs and so-forth, I got an Epstein-Barr to the teeth. Remember "mono?" Mononucleosis, aka "the kissing disease" was the plague of my middle school in the 70's and my high school in the 80's. It is also, right at the moment, a plague to me. So this past week I walked around miserable, off my normal meds, and feeling pretty put out.

Apparently this sort of thing is rare in adults, but I have always tried to be very immature for my age (just for kicks). There' also not much to be done, particularly for somebody with as messed up a medical profile as mine. I'm off all the stuff I normally take to suppress my immune system and can't kiss, lick, or bite anyone til further notice.

Which totally blows my weekend plans. Luckily, Ahmed is on a flight to the UK Friday to celebrate his mom's birthday. By the time he returns I should be able to bite him again, and will probably be cranky enough to be invited to do so.

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Eva Gale said...

Oy! I hope your back and biting soon!

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