Monday, March 26, 2007

A Case of the Giggles?

Recently a little spat of opinion broke out between the all-mighty holy ground of Romance Divas and Mrs Giggles, a reader who has a badly written, but much visited review site. I've never been a fan of Mrs G. Her reviews are erratic, contain both a dubious relationship with the English language and a somewhat schizophrenic grasp of sentence structure, and occasionally verbose in an uncharacteristic show of vocabulary. Having embraced that first impression, I was hesitant to return.

I did, however, when I got wind of a few inconsistencies. It was initially simple curiosity, but it has always been in my rather cantankerous nature to poke things with sticks. I must say, for those who think G reviews books for no personal gain... you lack reading and critical thinking skills.

Check her out. I love to see that attention seekers get what they so eagerly stalk. I hope Mrs G is familiar with the adage about being careful about wishes. I had fun with it for a while, but this individual apparently does NOTHING other than post to her blog and respond to responses... and responses to responses... and ... gah! Now I remember why I was enjoying that long break from the internet!

Lemme know what you think, yes?

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Anonymous said...

Could some of those blog posts your talking about be bogus? Planted there to keep the controversy going and drive up traffic.

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