Monday, January 15, 2007

Gettin' All Up In His Grill

Sometimes it's a very healthy thing to know your limitations. I, for example, know what I can and can not get away with when it comes to personal appeal. I can manage cute if I work it. I can pull off scruffy tomboy with a certain degree of charm. I can even clean up pretty well and do urban chic as long as I don't shoot for glamour. Sophisticated elegance is not my forté, nor is moviestar fab. I tried to do a come-hither look once and was offered a Tums.

Ahmed, my much-beloved, can pull off the smooth grace of a James Bond. He has the accent, the stature, and the cultured demeanor of a man of the world. He can do sexy doctor-- very Ben Casey with a dash of Persian spice to make him edgy. He can make women swoon with his swarthiness and fire.

What he can't do is street cool. So imagine my amusement when, recently, a much-younger colleague of his overheard him telling me off on the phone. "Tell her not to get up in your grill," Jeff coached. Isn't Jeff adorable? He fancies himself a bit of a card. And bless his heart, Ahmed tried to run with it.

"Yes! Exactly! I'm feeling my grill has been violated and abused. You need to stop harping at me and respect my personal grill-space, Badjia!"

Or what? You'll write me a strongly worded letter?

There he was, on the other end of the phone... my dashing rake of a man, demoted in an instant to übernerd. It's funny how that works. Knowing one's limitations is the key to making great impressions. I do feel a little bad about... you know... getting all up in his grill. (Does it count as a grill if it's flossed daily and has never missed a cleaning?) Anyway, I'll give him a sly look and make it up to him later. I could use a Tums.

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Anonymous said...

It's 20 degrees and snowing outside, and I would really love to fire up the grill right now :)

Jenn on the Island said...

I wonder if it's worse to have someone get up in your grill, or to have something up your craw?

R.G. ALEXANDER said...

Okay your hubby is quickly racking up the cute brownie points. LOL! Feels like his grills been violated and abused-ROFLMAO

Marcus said...

There's nothing worse than somebody trying to build up street cred with a charge card of cool that's wayyyyy over the limit.


Morag McKendrick Pippin said...

Well, at least it was only his grill . . .

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