Friday, November 10, 2006

What I'm Reading (and recommending)

Last week, while wandering Barnes and Noble on my "treatment" day, I came across a clever little book. If you love a writer, this would be an IDEAL Christmas present. Most of us are too busy throwing all our spare cash at reference books for serious purposes, and are unlikely to splurge the 12 bucks for this neat little book, but it would be a greatly appreciated gift. I bought four copies in anticipation of the holidays. A high-quality paperback (glossy, with the stiffer binding and heavier weight in books meant to be showcased), it offers advice to writers by sun sign, including the best ways to beat writer's block and lists of authors who share his/her sign. Major guilty pleasure and tons of fun.

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Heather said...

Sounds like a neat little book I would enjoy browsing through - thanks for posting about it!

CC said...

If you liked the book, Crissy, you should read her Midnight Brew interview over at the Midnight Moon Cafe. :)

Bev is a good friend and I know she'll be thrilled to see her book on your site. May I send a link to her?


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