Tuesday, November 21, 2006

And Stay Out!

For those wondering where the Cobblestone posts went... they went where they belonged, which was into the garbage. My intention was to consult with my lawyer (I did) and edit them. She advised me to remove headers, footers, and truncate the emails involved to any quoted length not complete. This would have complied with both IP and IS law, and would have made me pretty much bullet proof.

I was given an ultimatum by Cobblestone, and completely ignored it. I was threatened a few times, in fact, and appreciate the laughs. Laughs are always a blessing, even when they come from the stupidity of others... in fact, OFTEN when they come from the stupidity of others.

Everyone who wanted to know the truth read it. Everyone who wanted to weigh in, did so. Anyone curious can always email me. As a result, I sat in the editing window for a few minutes and decided to remove what was a very negative discussion. No ulterior motives or anything else... I simply decided that the positive place this blog has been needed to be cleaned up.

But it reminded me of something.

When I first got Max he was just a year old and still very much a puppy in all the ways that counted. The first time he had his food changed he became constipated. I took him outside that morning and it took him a very long time to do his business. In a moment that has now become family legend, he finished his rather difficult... err... expulsion, turned around to look, and barked very angrily at the poop. The joke, at the time, was that he was very clearly saying "aaaand stay out!!"

To this day, whenever something very crappy happens but ends without great injury, Ahmed and I will look at one another and say "aaand stay out!" It's an inside-- or maybe outside?-- joke between us.

Why relate this crappy little tale now? I feel a bit like Max must have felt that chilly morning. The entire Cobblestone bruhaha should not have happened, and it stank. Forcing it into the light was ugly, and further stank. But when one is angry the temptation is to linger with the anger. Unfortunately, in this instance, I would have been forced to linger with the stink, as well.


I think Max's way is better. All jerks involved in recent spammings, threats, and unprofessional idiocy should consider themselves shat. Good luck with the flies. Aaaaaand stay out!

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Sable Grey said...

Thank you for removing the posts, Chrissy.

BTW, if you guys haven't visited Max' blog, that is a very funny site. http://maxwellthepug.blogspot.com/


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