Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dunkin' Dorknuts Thinks You Are Stupid

Have you seen the new Dunkin' Dorknuts commercial? Dazed and somewhat dull looking people stand at a "trendy" cafe, staring at the menu, and begin to sing about how they can't pronounce what is there. Is it French, they wonder, or Italian... perhaps Fritalian?
John Goodman's voice then comes on explaining that at Dunkin' Dorknuts you can now get lattes... in English. And it's not all scary there. People speak English.
1. The word "latte" doesn't become English because an English speaking person is saying it.
2. 90% of the people at Dunkin' Dorknuts don't speak English. The other 10% barely speak it. (And I'm actually speaking of both Americans and those of foreign origin here.)
3. People who genuinely can't tell the difference between French and Italian aren't necessarily stupid, but is celebrating ignorance and courting stupidity cool now? (The commercial begins, remember, with vacant stares.)
4. Nobody at Dunkin' Dorknuts has ever once gotten an order correct the first time in any language.
Just some things to think about... gotta go. Off to Starbucks! :D

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