Thursday, July 27, 2006

Running Away from Home...

With all the poor health, scheduling issues, and publication deadlines in recent weeks, I need a break! My mother will tell anyone who will listen that she hasn't been away from home for more than 3 years. (She was in Maine with her cousin this past year... but why quibble?) She needs a break, too.

So a break it is, if a short one.

We are off to the mid-coast of Maine for some shopping, reading, shopping, eating, reading, shopping, eating, and shopping. And if we have time we may do some light reading. Or shop.

I leave behind a hysterical pug. Have to take Max to the Doggie Spa for two and a half days of pampering. His Papa is going to pick him up on Saturday and I would kill to be a fly on that wall. We will be leaving in about half an hour. Until 15 minutes ago he was lying on top of my luggage making huge-puggy-real-tear-eyes at me and heaving gigantic sighs of misery. Poor baby, he's so depressed his tail won't curl.

Look for traumatized hysteria on his blog when we return.

Ahmed made the exact same face when I said goodnight last night. Ironic, he refused to speak to me for nearly an hour when I accidentally called him Maxi. It's not like I used an old lover's name or anything! (I love the dog much more than any exes.)

Don't do anything interesting while we are gone!

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Tempest Knight said...

Enjoy your mini-vacations! We all need them from time to time to keep the sanity and physical health. *nods*

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