Monday, July 24, 2006

New Stuff to Cuddle Up with

We are always looking for new ways to make Romance News better, more fun, and... well, let's be honest, profitable. Since we don't like the idea of publishers advertising on a site that will be reviewing them, or the idea of a lot of advertising at all, we've decided to be clever.

I've designed a line of Romance News Fashions and Gifts, with something for everyone from the reader, writer, or romance junkie to her/his spouse, or even those romantic pooches!


Show him you know how sexy he is. Buy him our new Romance News boxers featuring a big red heart and the words "official ROMANCE RESEARCH ASSISTANT interested parties apply within." He'll laugh and strut around the locker room showing off his under-duds and his wife/girlfriend's sexy profession.

If you can't curl up with a sweetie, curl up with Romeo, the Romance News Bear! He's cuddly and cute, and he NEVER talks back!

Don't forget Rover! He's got a romantic soul, too. What do you think all that sniffing at the park is about? LOVE, baby! Show off his sensitive side with a Romance News shirt.


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