Wednesday, May 10, 2006

You're Writing WHAT?

Irecently had somebody who thinks she is smart (she isn't) make snide little comments about my current choice of literary endeavor. "You're writing romance? Oh titter, titter, haha! How funny! And you used to write such serious work!"

There is absolutely nothing wrong with writing for any genre. Good books are not created for mainstream fiction and non-fiction alone. Classics don't start out classic. Good writers tell great stories in masterful ways and voila!, you get a great book.

But people find romance silly. And sometimes it is. Not when I write it, of course... not when my brilliant colleagues at Romance Divas or Clan Destiny write it. Frankly, if you have read Elizabeth Vaughan's two "War" novels and can snort at romance you are probably an idiot and only semi-literate. Which, if we're being honest, is what most snobs tend to be in the end, hmm? Pseudo-intellectuals who say they've read everything from Machiavelli to Proust, but who were unable to finish the pablum they picked up on the Oprah's Book Club shelf down at the Borders on the corner. They did, however, leave that over-hyped hard cover on the corner of their desk where everyone could see it.

Well, just for them, I am announcing the publication of my blockbuster-to-be... and here is a preview of the cover!



And you thought all romance was SILLY!

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