Tuesday, May 09, 2006

In Praise of Good Hair Days (and GREAT Hair Dressers)

When I had several bouts with cancer I suffered some hair loss. I don't have a bald spot, but my hair is very thin and the top shows some scalp. It doesn't help that it's baby-fine and straight as a poker. Yeah, I know... none of my photos show a gal with straight hair.

That's because I go to Delia's salon in Hanover, Massachusetts every six months and have a genius named Lindsay (hope I spelled your name right, sweetie!) install my naturally curly locks with chemicals.

What I love about Delia's is not just that it's an old-fashioned salon with new-fashioned services. Donna, the owner, is a gem. She's funny, full of great stories, and does things with wigs that the best talent in Hollywood would kill to achieve. A good bulk of her clients are wig customers, and her discretion and respect of these people is astonishing.

Lindsay, and every other stylist I've encountered there, is at once warm, casual, and professional. When she says "y'okay, hon?" I know she actually wants to know... even if I'm just fidgeting a bit under the dryer while my straight hair has a change of heart and becomes naturally curly.

In an age of crappy 10-buck-a-head hair salons where you don't need (and can't get) an appointment with one, specific, special person, Delia's is a miracle in chrome, blue, and black leather. Ahmed has paid literally hundreds (plural, people) of dollars for me to have my hair done on Newbury Street in Boston. That's the fashion MECCA of New England, kids. Know what? The service I get, the results I get, and the feeling I get at Delia's is better. All for well under a hundred (singular, people) bucks.

It's like Steel Magnolias meets Sephora. Friends... I am having a GREAT hair day! Beat that with a stick.

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JENNA said...

A good hairstylist is priceless. It's more than chemistry and art, it's the relationship. When my m-i-l moved, that's what she missed most. So I shared mine :)

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