Sunday, April 09, 2006

The coolest idea anyone has had in ages...

This month's issue of South Shore Living Magazine features a brief article on page 10 about a terrific idea for local teens. The Southeastern Massachusetts Regional Library System (SELMS) has created My Own Cafe, a website that offers a better, safer, more useful alternative to MySpace for local teens. My Own Cafe is such a fantastic idea it's amazing anyone had it.

Teens can log in using the barcode from their library card, get access to homework help, college information, message boards, and chat. There are quizzes, polls, and perhaps the most impressive stroke of genius-- free downloads of MP3 files from local teen musicians and bands. Beat that with a stick!

The website is monitored by SELMS youth services. It has been active since the fall of 2005 and is growing in popularity as news spreads. Because the site is watched, and because access is granted by way of library cards, kids are safe from internet predators using fake identities. Information is relevant to locals, since it is run by the local library system.

If you are in Southeastern Massachusetts, get your kids hooked in. If not, perhaps a note to your local librarian with a link to this great site would spark something in your own community.

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CaliMarie said...

Thanks for your rude comment. It was completely unnecessary, but I realize there are sour people like you who don't have people visiting your blog and who obviously envy people like me.

If you have nothing nice or constructive to say, keep it to yourself. I'd appreciate it.

I wasn't trying to send you spam. It was a nice invitation and all you had to do was decline.

You would go out of your way to post something negative on someone's blog...I can get a sense for what type of person you are.

But may God bless you anyhow.

Have a lovely day, Chrissy.

I'd appreciate it if you didn't post on my blog again.

I don't need more miserable people in my life.



Chrissy said...

Stop spamming everyone on every Romance list and perhaps you will get positive attention rather than negative.

Kensington was not please that you used their name, incidentally.

CaliMarie said...

Thank you, Chrissy. I'm very new to this business and I didn't think there was anything wrong with reporting my progress.

I was simply looking for the advice and constructive criticism of kind authors out there (and there have been some).

I don't know what I've ever done to you, but it's obvious you have a problem of some sort and I don't care to keep doing this back-and-forth thing with you.

I've been in touch with Sulay and understand what their protocol is now. So, that's the end of it.

Let it go. Why are you out to make someone's life miserable?

It only takes a kind, "No, thank you."

That's all it takes, luv.

I wish you the best.

Anguisette said...

Hey, Chrissy, your link to MySpace is broken, kiddo.

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