Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cali Calisto and her magical blog

Recently several members of Romance Divas, Romance News, and Romantic Times have been getting spammed by a person calling herself Cali Calisto. She begins with an initial email claiming to have been asked by Kengsington Publishing to create a blog in order to get feedback on a book. Since this not only sounded unlikely but actually quite stupid, I ignored the first email. The second round was an e-greeting card. Polite requests that she desist have resulted in a flurry of sophomoric blog spam.

If you are a member at Romance News, please be advised that NOBODY on our site gave your email to this creature. We don't participate in any lists, but members who choose to make their emails visible or public run a risk in doing so. The flip side, of course, is making yourself more accessible to friends on the actual list.

My advice is to put the person on IGNORE, report the spam, and feel sorry for the folks in this world needy enough to act in such a manner.

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CaliMarie said...

First off, you need to get your facts straight.

I said I decided to create the blog so an editor at Kensington who I had sent my partial to could monitor my progress.

It was my decision. I thought it would be a creative thing to do.

And secondly, I just wanted some positive author feedback, Chrissy.

Why are you so pissy about all of this?

I'm apparently on your damn mind a lot...for you to actually go out of your way and make an entire post about me. Wow. That makes me feel just wonderful, since I am one who either fancies being loved or hated.

You'll be happy to know that it has been pointed out to me "my blog" was against Kensington protocol and has been removed. Yet, nothing posted on there was untrue.

You apparently didn't read it thoroughly.

Why on God's earth would I give the address to Sulay Hernandez at Kensington if it was packed with lies?

And she knew about it. For, yesterday, I was kindly asked to just remove her e-mails...which I did.

Yet, I guess after coming across someone like you...it became a further problem...and I ended up being kindly asked to remove it, which is fine.

This is all drama that's not even needed. And I'd never go out of my way to do anything like this to someone...so this tells me what kind of person you are.

As I said, all you had to do was say, "I'm not interested."

It was that simple.

And you want to say I've succumbed to high-school tactics?

Come on, now.

Just put it to rest. You go your way. I'll go mine.

I'll continue to post my work on a new blog, where my work in progress will still be monitored.

You, my dear, haven't changed a thing in my life...besides a bloody blog.

And how important is that?

Kimberly said...
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