Monday, October 03, 2005

Summer Falls Down

Autumn is my absolute favorite season, and not just because I live in New England. It's baseball playoff season. It's the time of year when summer residents leave my wonderful town and get the hell off my beach. It's the time of year when kids go back to school and neighborhoods get quiet again.

For me, this is a time of reflection moreso than ever before. I'm 40 now, fighting yet another illness, and the kids in my life are going through milestones, too.

This is the first year of middle school for one of my nieces... the final year of high school for the eldest of the kids. The youngest just started to talk.

Summer falls down gracefully into its pile of color and crispness. Things change. I can't help but admire nature's elegance in accepting those changes. People seem to become overwrought when our own colors fade, shift, or show signs time's passage. Grey hair should be met with enthusiasm, I think. I will watch for mine and attempt to approach the first one like I do the first crimson leaf in October.

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Annalee Blysse said...

I drove up into the mountains yesterday in part to see the color. Here in the valley floor it's mostly desert. There are a few trees near the river that will turn, but not much where I live.

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