Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Don’t Be That Guy and Happy Thanksgiving

crazy-things-people-do-51-pics_15 Oh, my, everyone is up in arms about not shopping on the holiday. Boycott! Write your congressman! Sit on your fat backside and repost lame pictures on Facebook! That’ll teach em!

Let’s not forget that shopping isn’t mandatory.  By all means, stay home.

But let’s remember, too, that thousands of people work the holidays and have always done so without your Facebook outrage. Cops, nurses, ER doctors, other medical and emergency staff, gas station and exempt convenience store employees, road service centers, tow truck drivers, toll booth workers, restaurant employees…

crazy So when you are en route to meemaw’s in your POS Chevy, busting the speed limit, stopping at the never-ever-close CVS for the crap you forgot, just take a moment to can your attitude and be a decent person. No snapping at the 17 year old behind the counter. No taking the cop’s head off because you got pulled over for doing 65 in a 35 mile residential area to get the sweet potato casserole with the burnt spots on top to Nanny Snodgropper’s before it gets cold.

It takes no effort to post a photo on Facebook and demand everyone else do the same. Make some effort and maybe your opinions will hold more weight. Try not to be a dick.

Happy Thanksgiving.

*No firefighters were harmed in the taking of this photo... also? Damn!

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