Friday, March 08, 2013

DVDs -- What's On Your Shelf?

There's crap on tv tonight, and I am a shameless tv fan. So shameless, in fact, that I have a DVD collection to rival Netflix. I was on the phone with my bestie, Roxie, when she mocked me for it.

Me: There's crap on tv tonight.
Roxie: Are you KIDDING? How many series on dvd do you have within ten feet of you right now?
Me: um.
Roxie: Turn your head and count.
Me: Shut up.
Roxie: Just "complete series," then... go on. Really.
Me: Really, just shut up.

She has a point. I can turn my head and count the ones I hoard in my bedroom for nights like this one. Probably only half the entire collection, since I keep some downstairs.

Will you hate me if I tell you I have second copies of a few in Maine?

For the record, this is the list from the bedroom collection-- just what I can see from the bed. I listed them from top to bottom on the shelf.

1. Charmed- complete series
2. Firefly
3. The West Wing - complete series
4. Star Trek Next Generation- complete series
5. Star Trek Deep Space Nine- compete series
6. All Creatures Great and Small - complete series
7. Bones - seasons 1-4
8. Angel - complete series
9. Buffy - complete series
10. Ballykissangel - complete series
11. Northern Exposure- complete series

So... what's in your collection? The sad thing is I am on ebay tonight looking for second hand boxed sets of other favorites. I really like tv.

Shut up.

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