Thursday, November 15, 2012

Email Change – Softhome Address No Longer Good

emailbustedI have had the same email address for almost 20 years. When Softhome ( started, I was among the first to sign up. When they began charging a small yearly fee for “professional” accounts, I stuck with them and ponied up the cash.

Some time later customer service became spotty. Not long after it became rare. Currently it does not exist. I should have left them long ago, but when  you keep an address that long you don’t want to lose people who have had you in their address books forever. I do, occasionally, get an email out of the blue from someone I have not heard from in ages. Keeping that address allowed me that luxury.

My little netbook had a crash that, we think, was the result of a security issue. One of the kids had been using it… nuf said. The same day this happened I was locked out of my Softhome email with a password error that probably indicates the account was compromised.

I gave them a few days, but since all my bills are paid online and all my parents’ bills, too—well, I can’t muck about. My amazon author payment notifications, and pretty much EVERYTHING is linked to that account. When Softhome ignored my contacts via email and their phone number repeatedly went to an answering machine or voicemail service, I was left hoping none of my accounts have been accessed.  I filed a complaint with the FCC, which is currently open and active.

Answering a simple query would have been easier, Softhome. You owe me that much. I do pay for it.

Anyway, in the mean-time I have switched to GMX, which several friends recommended. The link on this page has been updated. Contact me HERE if you are so inclined.

I’m sorry for any inconveniences this caused.

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Candy, Maria, Sarah said...

I was going to use them when I saw your name on an account with them. Googled and saw that Brian whosiwhats no longer intends to care for the company, doesn't provide customer support, and ignores emails and phone calls.

Look here:

Really sorry, Olie, but don't back down!!

C, M, & S

hrf said...

I have paid for another year with Softhome. I raised a ticket on 3 Jan for their web server being 94 minutes behind. I routinely email them for progress. Nothing! I give two numbers a ring every week. Nothing! I've been with them since before 2000. I've registered my own host name and am looking for a mail server! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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