Friday, June 15, 2012

Wanna’ Fix Our Fatness?


We are fat. There is no getting around that, and I really don’t mind being fat. But I HAVE lost a great deal of my weight and size by eating better and moving more. I like being a big gal, but I am trying to be a healthier big gal.  One of the things I have done, at Ahmed’s insistence, is stop eating processed garbage. I haven’t cut it all out of my diet, but I try to eat things with as few additives, preservatives, and processes. If I don’t recognize the first three ingredients on a packaged item, I put it back.  If there is a long, endless, dubiously spelled list of ingredients, I put it back.  I try to make what I eat or limit what was done to it before I purchased it.

To me, the big push to outlaw 32 oz drinks, popcorn, peanutbutter, and cupcakes is ridiculous, but it DOES lead us directly to the culprit, and the biggest problem in our fathood: schools.

The regulations in place about what kids can and should eat are bloated, misguided, and wildly stupid. The result is that ketchup is a vegetable, and every kid in America is eating chicken nuggets that are nothing more that a poultry-like slurry remolded into cardboard chunks… with fries. Salt, additives, and starch are killing our kids, and the government is making it impossible to save them with outdated, stupid, and useless regulations.

SO… whomever is elected this year, listen up.  Strip all regulations away, hire Jamie Oliver (pictured above), and give him the list of resources we have. Let him redesign the menu, rewrite the regulations, and save our kids.  He’ll have them eating properly, very likely for less money.

Problem solved.

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Delia DeLeest said...

My husband is always on me to eat better, I'm not very good at it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE potato chips. My problem is that I don't gain weight easily, so I have no visible repercussions for my dietary lapses. One thing on my side though is that I'm incredibly cheap. I very seldom buy pre-made food (except for chips) mainly because it's so ridiculously expensive. Most of what I make for meals is made from scratch, many time with food from our own garden or animals, so, it's a dietary crap shoot, I guess.

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