Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Gave My Heroine SHORT Hair

My hair is very short. Last week I cut it shorter-still, since I have been having trouble with my arms and chest lately, and not having to style the back is a luxury. Weirdly, Ahmed was a long-hair freak when I met him. My hair was down to my butt. Life happened, and it ended up short.

My upcoming release features a heroine with short hair. I wrote another short recently with a heroine who has short hair. A woman in my writing loop harped on it. She kept insisting I change the short, since it was a romance, and romances “shouldn’t have heroines with short hair.” I ignored her. The hair stayed.

I ran into her, her sister, and mother (all have long hair). She introduced me as her “writer friend—the one I told you about who is obsessed with short hair.” They all laughed at this, since it is, apparently, hysterical.

For the record… I write these women this way for a reason.


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Delia DeLeest said...

You go girl!! I can still remember my mom being frustrated with her hair falling out and one day just yanking it all out. I can still remember how brave I thought she was. My hair is down to my butt and my husband would have a fit if I cut it off. He's been 'follically challenged" since he was 18 and grows hair vicariously through me, so I humor him. :p Besides, I developed a hairstyle that works for me and I spend about 2 minutes a day doing my hair, much less than many of my short haired counterparts spend on theirs.

Anonymous said...

i can´t understand this bullshit about short hair,this is recent.I have always wear my hair short and have never had a problem,only in this 2010´s i see women conserning about this.This is sexist backslash.Besides,i can´t understand neither why we should consern about being feminine...many women don´t stop to think about what femininity means and call themselves free!.
in any way,nice to see short haired heroines.

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