Monday, May 14, 2012

Coming to Your Kindle and THANKS!

I want to take a moment to thank all the readers who kept My Boyfriend's Back on the best-sellers list from December of 2011 til just a day ago. Today, after having the title pulled from other markets, we finally made room for some new covers. Please believe me when I say that the "purchase" of a free book was invaluable to me. Your kind reviews, your support, and the time you took to read my work meant the world to me, and still does. We're back to the .99 price point, which I think is great for a short/novella read.

Heart of Gold is also selling at .99, and has been reviewed with the same generosity. As some of you may know, these two novellas inspired a series, which will be published in installments through the rest of this year. At Christmas-time I will release a digital bundle, along with a paperback collection of all five of these short, paranormal romances with a heavy dose of humor, all with a holiday time frame.

 My Boyfriend's Back was, of course, a Valentine's Day read featuring some bumbling nerd-angels. Heart of Gold came out for Saint Patrick's Day with our 6 and a half foot leprechaun. The next three titles will be coming in July, late September, and early December.

COMING IN JULY: Heather Hill is having a bad week. The lease on her grooming salon is nearly up, and the landlord wants her out. If the Sick Puppy closes she's got no other prospects. Her nails are all chipped. Oh-- and her new boyfriend is possessed by an ancient canine death-god who plans to destroy the world in order to beat the snotty Mayans to the punch.

Could be worse. The last guy picked his feet and smelled like cleaning fluid.

 Unless Norman-- AKA Zorg, Destroyer of Worlds-- can figure out a way to stop transforming into a demon-hound long enough to do his day-job as an accountant and save the Sick Puppy, Heather is screwed. One cursed amulet, one looming apocalypse, and one mean landlord are all that really stand between Heather and happiness. She's getting her nails done, putting a leash on her boyfriend, and then WATCH OUT, WORLD!

COMING IN LATE SEPTEMBER: Death is exhausted. He's in need of a holiday, and with Halloween just around the bend, he figures he can blend in. But who will run the office? Colleen (call her Cosette, it's her stage-name) has been waiting for a break at the Tried and True Temp Agency. She's really an actress, but the rent is due. How hard can it be to answer phones, keep the coffee hot, and politely watch over the Waiting Room to the Other Side?

The trouble starts when a dumb, gorgeous gym jockey Bill shows up, dead from steroid abuse and hard living... but incredibly hot, tan, and flirty. When Col-- err-- Cosette finds the key to the back door, she releases Bill back into the world. This serious breaking of rules results in a mess that could get her fired, and possibly damned for eternity. Enter Gordon, Death's Office Manager.

Gordon isn't Cosette's type, but she's desperate. She cons him into a foray into the many-veiled Lost Hallways to retrieve the juice head, return the space-time-continuum to normal, and save her very nicely-shaped bum before Death leaves his private pagoda on the beach and discovers the kerfuffle.

COMING IN EARLY DECEMBER:  Jack Winters is a sunny, super guy. Problem is, he can't be... not if he wants to keep his job, and prevent the polar ice caps from slipping.

Son of Mother Earth, brother of Sunny the god of Summer, Jack is not just any handsome playboy. He's Jack Frost, responsible for bringing about winter, keeping the climate in balance, and acting as a mirror to his fun-loving, beach-bum bro. But Jack just can't fight his sunny disposition. So his mom is taking charge.

The Winter must come. So Mother Earth sets Jack up on a blind date with Holly Lawson, owner of Lawson's Christmas Tree Farm and Florist. Holly's business depends on the frost; Jack's future depends on the breaking of his warm heart. Mother Earth knows what has to be done: she sets her beloved son up for a fall. When his heart goes cold, will the consequences be more than anyone bargained for? Will Winter ever end? Will Jack ever recover?

Each of these titles will be available for .99 upon release. I will release the entire collection as a discounted bundle for your Kindle and as a paperback collection for your shelves in time for Christmas!

Don't forget to check back here for the release of CRY UNCLE, my first novel, later this month.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR READERSHIP AND SUPPORT!!

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