Wednesday, May 30, 2012

AmWriting… ish?


We all do it. I do it. You do it. Stop pretending you don’t do it. In stead… think about maybe doing it less.

I’m talking about goofing off.  I tend to decompress and chill out by goofing. I DO multi-task, but most of the time if I’m dorking around on facebook or twitter I’m unwinding, waiting for my groove to kick in, or wasting time in between appointments on the road. You can do an amazing amount of dorking in waiting rooms.

What I have managed to do since last spring is write more and dork less.  Even the last six months—during which I was buried in more care-taking than ever before in my life, and hopefully will not see the like ever again—I did more writing and less dorking. I’m not perfect, and I still waste time. But the amount of time I’m wasting has seriously diminished and the amount of work I’m finishing has quadrupled.

Today a good friend complained to me about a forum and, in the same email, complained she was getting nothing done. The same friend has never missed her regional RWA conference. Never. She belongs to about five online forums for writers. She is a really cool gal. I told her straight up to check this blog in half an hour to see me make fun of her.

I’m talking to YOU, Maria. You have three fantastic novellas sitting on your hard-drive. PUBLISH THEM. Then go back to hammering queries for the novel. You’re a good writer. You’re just a very-very-very part time writer.

Less dorking. More writing. Love you.

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