Friday, March 30, 2012

Do Your Job, Media


I was a critic for many years, and have already addressed Hunger Games, but today the news is abuzz with idiots spewing stupidity.  Critics, do your jobs.  Part of the job is UNDERSTANDING THE STORY.

I was also a columnist who wrote about body image.  This is about an illness in our culture.  This is about body image dominating discussions so overpoweringly we’ve gone nuts, and have ceased to make sense.

I refuse to link to the critics saying  Jennifer Lawrence is “too healthy” to play Katniss, because she has a normal, healthy body.  Baby fat was invoked.  This is not only irresponsible, it’s INCREDIBLY IGNORANT.  The entire point of Katniss’ character in Hunger Games is that she has learned to survive by poaching meat, bargaining (and stealing, earlier on) for bread. She’s a survivor, and has more protein in her diet because of her skills with snares and bow.

How dare somebody who has to hunt, trap, run, and exist by the skin of her teeth and the muscles in her upper body defy Hollywood standards?

Get a grip.

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Kindle Kandy said...

RIDICULOUS! Thanks for saying so.

Sadie Hart said...

Wow. I can't believe someone said she was 'too healthy' to play the role. Someone who works day in and day out, finding food, hunting, spending their days hauling game and traipsing through the woods is going to be fit. And because of her skills of course she was healthier than the others in her district. Wow. o.O

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