Monday, March 05, 2012

Coming to Your Kindle for Saint Patrick’s Day!


Coming from Amazon just for Saint Patrick’s Day—a short, fun, fantasy romance by Chrissy Olinger.


Finn Mór is a leprechaun prince, but he has no interest in his clan's throne. All he has ever wanted was to be BIG. By the sacred laws of the leprechaun clans, any of the wee folk who can keep every last coin in their pot for two hundred years earns that very boon... or is it a curse?

Two hundred years have finally passed and Finn's wish is granted. He's 6'6" and drop-dead gorgeous. No longer immortal, he still keeps his magic as long as he keeps his gold.

Happy to sample the sins of the mortal world, enhancing his luck as he goes with the source of his power— the pot of his people— Finn runs into trouble when a sexy little thief snatches his pot. He's got to snatch it back or kiss his luck goodbye. But it's more than luck he's thinking of kissing, and she may have stolen more than his gold.


In a quiet glade, a few miles from Lackanaloy Creek, Finn shucked off his clothes, hooked a feedbag onto the nose of his only companion, and crawled beneath the pony cart to sleep. He slumbered without dreams, never waking when the moon found its zenith. The beams of wild magic that lit the small glade in that last hour of his weeness were seen by none, for the pony had fallen into a mindless doze.

The sun rose on a very different Finn Mór. Banging his dark head on the cart, he sat up with a yelp, came to full waking with a gasp, and stared down at his lap with a broad, cheeky grin.

“Woop! I’m big! Well and truly BIG!” Gaze fixed between his new long legs, his grin grew wider still. “Every bleedin’ bit o’ me!” *

*from Heart of Gold by Chrissy Olinger

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