Saturday, January 28, 2012

Letting A Cameo Go


Most people know I collect cameos.  My collection gets so gigantic that, occasionally, I have to let a few go.  I don’t mind keeping some of the museum pieces (several that are large and unset) under glass to be cooed over, but the rings, pins, and sets… these deserve to be worn by somebody who loves them.

My favorite collectibles are rings, but I seem to only wear the ones Ahmed has given me.  I like to see him glance down, spot it on my hand, and smile.  So this ring— a turn of the century piece I got at an estate sale—is going to a new home.  She is a beautiful Italian carved muse (there’s a harp at her shoulder) with AMAZING silver work in the setting— very fine and detailed rope and beadwork. 

She’s a size 8 and is up for paid-adoption on ebay.  I hope somebody loves her as much as I do.  It’s pathetic—I sell them because it makes me sad NOT to wear them, but I cry every time, too.



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