Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Holidaze

I love tacky Christmas displays.  No… you don’t understand… we’re talking LOVE. Thus it is that I share with you, gentle reader, the best of the best.



Don’t join in these reindeer games… please!


At least he didn’t go down the chimney…


Just in case you can’t see us from way up there in that sleigh…


Redneck Advent Calendar…


And a crafty use of those empties! BEER TREE!!


Fahrvergnügen down at the mobile home… GO BAMA!

Have a Holiday Filled with LAUGHTER.

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Ahmed said...

Gasping for air, Badjia!

I love the beer tree. How can we NOT do this?

MarcusMaximus said...

How can you engineer a floating VW and reindeer on a clothesline but lack the ingenuity to make that mobile home less... mobile-homey?

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