Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Windows 8 Beckons Like A Siren

windows-8About 5 or 6 years ago we made the decision to get rid of all desktops and go to netbooks, laptops, and desktop-replacement notebooks. Some time in the next year we will need to replace at least a few of our larger computers, since they are much-loved, but getting outdated. I have a new netbook, an older one, and a dead one I keep meaning to resurrect. But we’re not rushing off to the stores this holiday season because all experts say Windows 8 will launch some time in mid-2012.

I hate updating older computers. I prefer to buy fresh when the new release comes out. I have to say—if Vista was a disappointment, and Windows 7 was an improvement that wasn’t ENOUGH improvement… 8 and 9 are singing me a siren’s song. I may be getting suckered, but 8 looks pretty impressive. Why?

  • The pre-release testing says boot time is BLAZING.
  • Windows Defender massively expanded to include Virus and anti-spyware.
  • The new interface is ideal for touch-screens.
  • 128 bit versions (also for W 9).
  • The guys at Endgadget claim they got it to run on a Mac and a PC with 128mb of RAM.
  • The Tech Labs report a "Windows to Go" feature, allowing users to boot W8 from a USB device.

Like similar features on Linux based systems, this last feature of Windows 8 (called a Live USB) will also let users put programs, settings and files on the bootable.

“The feature is designed to work with both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, and on both legacy NIOS and UDFI firmware. However, Microsoft says that a user will not be able to “Hibernate” with this feature." -- TechLabs.com

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