Monday, October 10, 2011

I Shall Stalk Midnight…

Oh yeah… I’ll be up at midnight tonight. I really need the sleep, but my devotion is beyond absolute. My devotion would be an illness if it weren’t for the glory of fangirldom in its highest, purest, most sacred form.  This isn’t just about book love.  THIS IS PRATCHETT.

October 11th is the release date for SNUFF,Terry Pratchett's newest book. It's not JUST a Discworld book. It's not just the 39th Discworld book (if we include Tiffany Aching, and I don't think I'd even consider crossing her, so let's do). It's Sam Vimes... it's Lady Sybill on holiday... it's something terribly close to religion.

So I will be dorkily hovering over amazon’s REFRESH at midnight.  I could pre-order it to be sent to my Kindle, but they never arrive until after they’ve begun selling, and I absolutely MUST have this book the instant it is live for purchase.

Don’t expect to see much of me tomorrow.  I’ll be reading.  And sighing.  And laughing out loud.  And hoping Mr. Pratchett has a number 40, and 41, and many more left for his faithful.

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