Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dude… we’re gettin’ the band back together…


Long, long ago in a land known as Green Habah, there was a small group of nerds who loved music and one another.  They were called THE BEACH RATS.  Actually, the kids were called beach rats because they hung out at the beach almost year-round.  It took serious sub-zero temps to force them indoors.  The BAND was initially called The Beach Rat Blues Review, but nobody was willing to  say that many words in a go… it was the 80s.

So the kids went minimalist and struck out on a magic carpet ride of ear-splitting (initially) loudness.  After a year or so it all blended away to soul-strumming smoothness in the tradition of Bob Seger, Bonnie Raitt, and Tom Petty.  Only teenagers… so yeah, not as good.

Why do you care?  You probably don’t.  But I’m excited because I was the lead singer for that band, wrote all the lyrics for their songs, and am now a writer of a different sort.  But when several of my besties-- who were also band-mates, boyfriends, best-friends, and blood-siblings and still are—heard me mention that there would be a bar with a house-band in the second installment of my Maggie Gallagher Mystery series, genius struck.

Since The Beach Rats inspired the idea, and since I intended to use my own lyrics here and there in the novel, why not record some of those old songs and give them away as a promo?

So we’re gonna.  We’ve already laid down a few tracks and dug out the old notebooks.  I can even read my handwriting.  This feels like promotional genius, but know what?

It’s just an excuse to have fun.  DUDE!!  WE’RE GETTIN’ THE BAND BACK TOGETHER!!!!

Imagine how RAWKIN AWESOME we’ll sound clean and sober!!!

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