Thursday, May 19, 2011

Who is Your Cheerleader?


Who is your cheerleader?  Everyone should have one.  I have a couple: Ahmed, my mom, my writing group (shout out to South Shore MA Writers!), many of my friends.  In this I am incredibly lucky. 

This week I spent a couple of days in Connecticut with some wonderful law enforcement and federal employees.  Ahmed came down with me just for a "fun getaway."  (Translation: free room service in a really swanky room and some peace.)  I had a hard time sleeping, so I spent a little time hammering away on my soon-to-be-lauded mystery thriller.  I've been trying not to become a complete spaz about this shift in my writing career, but frankly... I'm stoked.

Best part?  So are my cheerleaders.  Can I just tell you how amazing that feels?  Just a few days ago my mom asked "do you have any more written that I can read?"

Never happened before.  Blew me away.

Ahmed is, perhaps, the world's best cheerleader.  He even bribes me with treats.  If I complete 'X' word-count by 'Y' day, he'll buy me something cool, take me someplace awesome, or do something special.  I would feel guilty about it, since he is notorious for spoiling me rotten regardless of my written work... but I don't do guilt well, and honestly?


So who shakes the pompoms for you?  If nobody does, lemme know.  I'll shake mine! :)

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