Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My Biggest Fan


Yesterday was a challenging day in a week that was equally frustrating.  But you have to look for a reason to be positive.

I found one.

Sitting at Starbucks, banging away on my next WIP—Cry Uncle, which will be available in both print and digital—I noticed a very nice woman come in and start chatting up the baristas. 

Now… you have to know something about me, Starbucks, and the baristas in Marshfield. We’re besties.  They take very good care of me.  They put up with Max and his drive-through hysteria.  They are good people.

Turns out one of the gals had given my business card to a woman who comes in with her Kindle quite often.  She told the lady, whom I discovered was named Emily, to check out my website, where there was a link to My Boyfriend's Back.  Emily went home, downloaded it, and liked it very much.  She sat with me, told me all about her love for MBB, and could not have been lovelier if she tried.

My biggest fan… well, so far… how cool is that?  Totally made a bad day wonderful!

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