Thursday, May 26, 2011

It’s Getting Interesting…


I know I have been scarce lately, but I’ve had great reasons.  2011 has been an incredibly exciting year for me.  It has been my most prolific year as a writer.  You just can’t tell.  I published the last title under my pen name… at least for the distant future.  I published the first fiction under my own name (My Boyfriend's Back), and finished a third title that I decided to shelve for the time being.

But the most exciting thing that happened in 2011 was my decision to re-brand myself, start an entirely new career path, and launch into the mystery/thriller genre.  Since making that decision I have written more—and put out better product—than I ever have in a very short span.  I began Cry Uncle only two months ago, didn’t sit down with it seriously until the end of last month, and it is very nearly done.  The next two titles are outlined, fleshed, and have covers ready.  Promo material is going off to printers soon.  The book will come out mid-summer.

This past week I had two writers I respect (worship is too strong a word, right? right…) ask to read the rough draft.

I nearly laid a green twinkie.

But this is the scary part for writers… the moment we let it go and allow the work to exist outside the womb of our hard-drive.

The feedback I got was… amazing.  And now, having read those very kind words, I can reflect without fear and nerves on my own experience with this book.  I really like it.  I’m proud of it, and excited to share it.  But perhaps the best thing of all?  I’ve never been so comfortable with the process or the product in my life.

So I guess when I made a decision, this January, to find my voice, use my voice, and honor what my voice wanted to be… well, I should have known it would get interesting.

How about you? What are you working on?  How does your work make you feel?

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