Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dreamstime and Vistaprint, How I Love Thee!


I’m not sure why this particular image spoke to me, but it did.  I found it on Dreamstime not long ago and grabbed it on impulse… then realized I needed new business cards.  (I have cool language forensics cards provided by the feds, but do my own writer cards, obviously.)

Vistaprint is a writer’s best friend… FOR SERIOUS!  I’ve used them forever, and they’ve always been wonderful.

This was no exception.  Clearly the blue striped kitty and bats in the image were a bit off, but no problemo.  Also… this is a not-really-but-kinda-representation of ME, so that super-high noggin was getting trimmed.

VOILA—minus one kitty and yarn ball, add a dash of purple PUG, tweak the hair, chase off the bats and ghosts, and…


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