Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boston’s Steampunky Swerve is ON


The Boston Globe ran a cool article on the Steampunk Scene invading fashion in Boston a while back, around the time Castle featured it on tv, I believe.

I’ve always loved Steampunk.  There’s a wonderful blending of nostalgia, mystique, and whimsy.

Boston seems to be really going great guns with this revival of the genre.  There have been museum exhibits, a Furniture and Design show, and a lot of local clubs are holding dances, theme nights, and balls.

I dragged up a few local links that are pretty cool.

The Steampunk Empire, Boston

The Steampunk Society of MA

TOR's Blog-- Is Boston The HUB of Steampunk?

Examiner Article on Boston Steampunk Scene

Stuff Boston: Steampunk Hits Home

It will be interesting to see how this develops.  In the mean time—I’m loving the many opportunities to get my Steampunky Swerve ON!

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