Monday, December 13, 2010

Verizon Continues to Aim Low

verizon-sucksI recently decided that I really needed to upgrade my Verizon cell phone.  I really HATE Verizon, but they are one of the only services available in my area with a connection— though it’s a weak and unreliable one.

Knowing the company is really, really awful when it comes to customer service, I contacted them.  First I called.  Then I emailed.  In both cases I was absolutely assured that the phone I wanted would be fine to use with my current plan.  I double checked, reworded, and got it in writing.  Yes… IN WRITING.

So now, naturally, my state’s attorney general has to step in.  Because not only did they lie, they refused to fix the lie, even after they admitted that, upon review, yep… they lied.  The phone in question can’t work without a data plan that is worthless to me.  And yeah, checking into things, damned if their customer service reps tell me IN WRITING that this was not the case—but they congratulated me on my shiny new upgrade that I could do without changing a single thing in my plan or usage or anything like that.  Squee!  Only not.

You know… I didn’t even wig out then.  What caused me to contact my AG and file the complaint that will result in them getting a fine was the response to their error.  They admit it was their error. 

If you are waiting for an “and,” you are out of luck.  Apparently Verizon, while being a big cell phone provider, doesn’t have any phones.  They are unable to provide me with a phone that WILL do what they said, IN WRITING, the one I bought would.  They are unable to make the one I bought work without  soaking me.  They are unable to do anything at all but apologize and wish me well with the taking it up the backside thing.

Only this is me, and that’s not good for Verizon.  I guess some people over at the AG’s office are bored.  They have already contacted me… in under an hour.  Which makes me wonder if they are sick and tired of hearing about Verizon or if they simply adore me.

Cuz really, it could go either way.


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