Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Ghost of Novels Past


It’s weird how things seem to happen for reasons.  I am furiously working on STARCHILD, a space opera comedy romance (shut up, it’s MY book, I’ll make up genres if I want).  It should be done soon and will be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  I’m happy about that.

But as I have been hammering away at it, I have also thought about old projects, next projects, and whatnot.  Perhaps a week ago I remembered a novel I finished in 1995—yes, fifteen years ago.  It was called SERVAI and was a fantasy novel about the coming of a messiah.  It followed the journey of a liberated slave girl who wants nothing so much as to be an instrument of peace and love.  She is surrounded by men who are powerful, enigmatic figures.  Everyone is awaiting the coming of a great prophet who will bring great things to the world.  Everyone speculates about which wise figure among the men of Jerichai will be the messiah.

Nobody expects the prophecy to find fulfillment in a young girl. 

I left this book— completed —behind me when I left college and it was lost forever— I thought.  Imagine my surprise when an old friend contacted me today with the news that she’d found the original manuscript on a floppy disk, intact and undamaged.  She is sending it to me, and if the angels smile upon me, I will be able to reformat it. 

It’s so strange… I have never forgotten this story.  It always bothered me that I’d lost it in my scramble to begin a new life.  Perhaps, if I can rescue it, it will find a home with a publisher.  I suppose Servai’s story has survived in spite of everything, so she deserves the right to be next on my list of priorities.

I guess she and I are both survivors… and who knows where this Ghost of Novels Past will lead me.

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