Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Bag Lust

You all know I have no willpower. And since Ahmed spent yesterday eating my sesame nibbles and teasing me... well, he was in for some retail recompense. It's only fair.

Now... I adore my Michael Kors black satchel. And the other man in my life whom I share the joys of leather (ahem) is Bruce Makowsky... the designer of the fantastic shitake bucket satchel I simply adore. While Ahmed holds my heart and the pink slip to the rest of me, these two men will always have my adoration... not to mention a significant portion of my income. Okay, Ahmed's income.

Thing is, I got this fabulous new netbook/tablet combo for my birthday, and it didn't really fit either the Makowsky OR the Kors. What's a girl to do?

Wait until the lovely man unit does something stupid and get a replacement! Not to mention, this is the Makowsky Luxury Leather line, and one of his largest bags. OMG I adore it!! It has a purple satin lining. SHUT UP! Best $278.00 he ever spent.

Better than diamonds. *happy sigh*

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Trisha said...

I. NEED. That. Bag.

NEEEEEEED. Not just want, or like, or think it's cool. I literally cannot go on living if I don't own that bag. IT HAS A PURPLE SATIN LINING!! Shut UUUUP!!!!!!!

Elise Logan said...

seriously? purple satin lining? Can i live in that bag?

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