Friday, June 04, 2010

He Could Have Bought You A Clue, Too

It's June. May was a really good month for me in the generosity/loved department. I never expect to be spoiled even though I often am. It actually took me a while to accept things gracefully, and I still struggle with it sometimes. I rarely feel deserving... but I often feel pretty psyched!

I'll tell you what bugs me, though. What is UP with this thing where people decide how the money should have been spent? Since WHEN is it cool to remark on another person's generosity with your disappointment and a different game plan? How did the WTFery of "for that he could have bought you" become acceptable?

During the month of May I had, at minimum, five different people say the words "he could have bought a ___" (fill in the blank) "with that kind of money!"

I actually hear it a lot, and only just noticed how often. Sorry, but WTF? When did this become cool? When did this become ok?

My favorite is "he could have bought you a CAR for that." I got that twice when I was playing with the two computers I got for my birthday. One is an android tablet that will probably sell for two to three hundred bucks. The other is, I admit, a hybrid tablet/netbook that was two grand.

I'd really rather not drive something I could buy for that. I HAVE driven cars that I paid a few hundred bucks for. Dear-gawd-please let those days be over. And if you are living in that place right now, you have my mojo and respect. Been there, did that, three cheers and many blessings for AAA.

Rather not do it again.

I also got a cute diamond ring, diamond earrings from Ahmed, and a pink sapphire ring from Ahmed's dad. Somebody thought that was worth a house. Not sure where they live but I hope they don't stay long. I can't decide whether that person thinks the diamonds and sapphires are wayyyyyyy pricier than they are or if they have incredibly crappy living standards, and I really don't want to know.

So if you are reading this, here are a few tips:

If you can avoid it, try not to drive cheap cars.
If you can rent rather than live in a house that scary, look into it with your realtor.
If you can't just say "that's pretty" and shut up, don't say anything.
If you INSIST on being nosy and asking about my gifts, at least try to counter-act your nosy with something resembling a gracious comment.
If you have your own money to spend, buy a crappy car or cheap house of your own.
STOP deciding how my guys should spend their money. I'm really liking what I have. I don't need a rusty car or a nasty house, so my computers, diamonds, and sapphires are cool.

You have my permission to withdraw. Now's good.

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