Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Envy Me


No, seriously... just start now. Guess what I'm getting for my birfday in a few weeks? Direct from Germany, an early release of the brand-spanking-new Google Android Netbook Tablet. It's basically an iPad, only it doesn't suck... and it runs Google Android, just like the phone.

Now... I know people get all up in arms when I dis Apple, but frankly I DID take a look at an iPad live, in person, at the Apple store in my area. It was overpriced, didn't seem to have much to recommend it, and the tilt-screen thingie was on the fritz. Not impresssed.

But I do like the idea of something that light and easy to port around. Why, I wondered, couldn't somebody do to the droid what Apple did to the iPhone... which is blow it up and make a wad of cash on something they already had.

Turns out they did. It looks like an iPad but works off Google's Android system, is light, and does everything a droid does, but does it in a 7 inch, netbook size. Even has the little keyboard that we all know is going to be aggravating as hell. It will be arriving in the US soon... but it will be arriving at MY HOUSE sooner... like in a few weeks. Before my actual birfday.

Why? Because I really, really, REALLY picked the right guy. :)

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