Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Week In Jail

I will be vanishing off and on this spring as I try to outrun PF and the boogie men it hired to chase me. Last week I had my trachea re-aligned. I'll be getting some more of that fun torture this week, too. It sucks, hurts, and makes me bitchy.

So... pretty much... well, other than me not talking a lot and laying down a lot, it's pretty much business as usual.

One distressing development was the sudden death of my beloved netbook. I can't blame the poor thing for taking a facer... I have beat the hell out of it. Plus my nephew dumped almost a full bottle of rootbeer on it about a month after I got it. And I crammed 2GB into it and ran old versions of Paint Shop Pro and Dreamweaver. I'm pretty sure I can get a tech nerd to fix it, but don't really want to push my luck too much. So I will repair it later, use my normal-sized notebook in the mean time, and shop for something new to use every day.

Enter my new obsession... Naturally I don't want something I can pick up just anywhere. And I got Ahmed the full-sized version of this little darling a while back. He loves it because he has ginourmous hands and can't navigate touch pads or keys as easily as the rest of us.

One of my first laptops was a Fujitsu and I adore the company. Now, along comes the weenie tablet netbook... omg. LUST!!

It comes with a stylus, but you can use your fingers to resize images. You can even poke the screen in stead. And the very idea of being able to rotate the screen, lay it flat, and draw... or read and ebook... or browse without typing...


Anyway, I am allowed to be goofing off online for a while today since my upper body is not hurting bad enough to need pain killers. I dislike pain killers. I don't like being in agony, but addiction terrifies me and I think when you are chronically sick it's way too easy to fall into the habit of escape.

So my drug, for today, is nerd-lust for the Fujitsu Lifebook Tablet PC Micro. Feel free to join me in drooling.

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Gwen Hayes said...

time is almost up! hope you enjoyed your freedom.

Ember said...

Wow - shiny gadget. I'm feeling a bit of the lust for it too.

Hugs and hope you're feeling better!

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