Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Flirting with Disaster, baby!!

If you missed Rhonda Stapleton's Stupid Cupid, here's your chance to get both THAT magnificently adorable title and THIS complete gem of a follow-up, Flirting with Disaster. Rhonda's voice is infectious, endearing, and truly addictive. I could not put SC down, and am completely SALIVATING for the new title, which is sold out at the BN in Cambridge til they restock from the back room because Ahmed picked up all 5 copies on the shelf. (Note to BN employees... CHOP CHOP-- get them out there!!)

And let's face it, why read one and not pick up the other? This is a perfect opportunity to pick up both titles and consume them with greedy abandon. That way you are ready for the third in the series, which is coming up sooner than you think. YES! Rhonda's that good. They released all three pretty closely together. Do you really want to be the only person on your block who isn't on the Stapelton bandwagon?

Well? DO YOU?

The correct answer is "NO." Get your butt to BN or Borders. Stop reading this... go. SCOOT!!

Don't make me climb out of this monitor!

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Rhonda Stapleton said...

LOVE YOU! LOL ((hugs)) thanks!

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