Monday, March 29, 2010

Decisions... Decisions

I'm really, really bad at decisions. The little stuff? No biggie. The big stuff? Ask Ahmed. He's fifteen seconds from a domestic assault charge every time I have to make one. Bless his black heart, he hasn't belted me one yet.

So anyway, I obviously still have my massive desktop-replacement-laptop, upon which I am banging out this post. But my netbook-- the second one that I loved-- finally gave out after being over-used, over-crammed, and having rootbeer spilled all over it. I'm still putting it in for repair but it will live on as my back-up. And this computer will eventually become an at-home-stationary-workhorse... which it sort of is already, but I've needed to use it this month.

Why haven't I replaced both? *sigh*

I almost did. I know for sure I have to have a new netbook. Portability is a must for me, since I really like to get out of the house to write. And to be honest, with my first eee PC at 7" I fell in love with the smaller, tighter screen and keyboard. Unlike most, I prefer a smaller keyspan. My Lenovo s10 was the perfect size, but an earlier model. Now I want to replace it with something similar, but at least 2GB and fast as poop through a goose.

In college I used Macs and liked them-- but hated how much of a hassle it was to share files. I have avoided them since... but I know things have improved vastly since then. Dorking around on ebay I've seen a lot of airbooks and I'm tempted to buy a used one for a trial period. But not yet convinced.

One thing I know for certain is that I'm getting a tablet pc for my birthday, which is the end of May. That gives me two months of indecision and annoyance... more than enough time for me to bite my lip, tinker at box stores, read reviews, and drive Ahmed nuts while he stands there, credit card in hand, tapping his size 13 AAA foot at me. It's going to be a fun 10 weeks.

Meanwhile... for the love of all that is sacred... if you have a netbook you love, are an Apple loyalist who knows about sharing files, or a tablet you want to rave about/ rant about/ share about... please do. The more info I have the easier this is going to be.

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Lia said...

I would love to help you, really I would. But I don't like netbooks. They are just too small for my big hands. I even bought an extra large laptop. Has enough room for a actual number pad and everything.

Now you want to discuss a new desktop, I would love to. I just bought an Asus CG5275. Dual Core processor, 8 gig of RAM, terabyte of memory. I love it.

I'm slow to make decisions like that, but it is because I'm looking for the best deal. Like the laptop, it was $100 more at Costco than BestBuy.

If it comes down to it, you could always close your eyes and point, but the trick to that is unless you are completely elated when you see your choice, buy the one you didn't pick.

Trisha said...

What is it Ahmed has said in the past? "Buy whatever you like, love!"

I have the Acer Aspire One. (I had to replace the Dell Mini 9, the hard drive got totally fried.) 10.1 inch LED screen, 160 GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM. Very light, fits in any purse, except for like maybe an evening clutch. ;) I schlepped mine all the way to LA a couple of weeks ago and didn't even notice the weight. tye keyboard is obviously smaller than a full sized one, but IMO it doesn't signify. I can type pretty smoothly on it. I'd definitely recommend it.

Mima said...

babe. there's an entire thread on this RIGHT now at divas. specs and all. from this weekend. i love my samsung. sony makes a very similar model to the mac air (and way before them i might add) if it's just the size and capacity you're seeking. there's still lots macs can't do on the net, but file sharing in pdf and .docx is seemless.

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