Thursday, February 25, 2010

How the Hell Did I End Up Being the One Who Feels Bad???

K... so it's my treatment week and I have a day up in the infusion lab but I ain't sad or blue.

Got my netbook with the 9 cell, mifi, twitter peek, and I brought brownies for everybody.

Deal with that. I can make an IV drug treatment fun.

Only I popped the IV out when I moved.

Nurse: You really are a PAIN!
Me: Yeah, I know, but I'm dying and still brought brownies so you're just mean.
Everyone else: Laughter
Nurse leaves in a huff with tears in her eyes.

Now I feel bad. But I also feel stupid for feeling bad. It was a joke.


*power sulk*

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April Morelock said...

Chrissy... {{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}

I probably would have cried too if I were that nurse. It's got to be a hard job.

Bryn said...

She should NOT have said that. And you did nothing wrong. I'm so amazed you brought brownies!


Leigh Royals said...

Well she may not have been mean, but she should know how to secure an iv. Sheesh! do I need to come up there and show her how it's done?

Donna said...

Nursing IS a hard profession, but calling a patient a pain like that is uncalled for. Sulk away and don't feel bad. You're the one who had to get stuck. Maybe she has something else going on in her life and just snapped without thinking.

Chrissy said...

It surprised me because the rest of the crew at the lab is simply wonderful.

I sort of THOUGHT she was having issues.

Then yesterday, after I posted this, another nurse took over and I overheard (eep) her tell the supervisor this was an ongoing thing. AND a chemo patient said she snapped at her when she asked for something to be sick into.

Maybe it's time for a sabbatical.

Trisha said...

Wow. Maybe this particular post is not the right one for this particular nurse? Just sayin'.

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