Thursday, December 03, 2009

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

This month... on AS THE WEB TURNS... we had a lot of drama out here in the Interwebs Region of Romancelandia. Harlequin launched an epub; Harlequin became a Vanity pub; RWA wigged out and did something right; RWA wigged out and did something wrong; the mean girls got bitch-slapped, but it was for all the wrong reasons. In the end it has seemed to cause a quiet vacuum out here in Interwebby Romancelandia. Like... is everyone sulking, freaked out, scared, or just dumbstruck?

I'll be honest... the entire end of November had me depressed and disgusted. Oh, I'll admit to loving the drama initially. How could I not? I loves me a bandwagon; I luuuuuurves me a cat fight. But this was embarrassing. This was my profession looking stupid, petty, and tacky... again.

Still, the past week, perhaps in contrast or just as a result of the unnatural calm, has been too quiet. Spanked mean girls are sulking quietly. Harlequin gave a non-reversal reversal. The RWA is back to being a bunch of ridiculous warmed-up-cheerleader-leftovers... which is actually more par for the course. I feel a little like Alice after falling through the looking glass.

And I'll be honest... I'd love a good scandal right now. A nasty cat fight. As long as this kitty isn't in it.

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Elise Logan said...


You are such a troublemaker. I like that about you.

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