Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chachi Lied to Glenn Beck

I need an interweb smack down like I need a hole in my head right now... but Scott Baio is a twerp and I hate liars. For those who missed it,

Gwen Hayes' Blog

Totally the Bomb Blog

Response from His Peers

THE Scott Baio's Twitter page (because apparently everyone wants to be him???)

Then he got what he had been whining for: Glenn Beck's attention. Now... that's fine, and I think Glenn Beck is fun to watch. But would it have killed him to have an intern google "chachi looses his mind" or "charles not in charge of his faculties" or something?

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Mel Francis said...

this whole thing borders on the ridiculous! Scratch has crossed the ridiculous line into unfuckingbelievable.

Chachi needs to get a sense of humor.

~Jamie said...

For crying out loud! Yes, why did he go SO nutso over just a FAN twittering... man needs to learn to take a JOKE!

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