Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Baby Blessing

Recently Romance Divas, The Sceptics' Tank, and several other of my online haunts seem to be teeming with new babies! About two years ago I wrote a baby blessing for some friends at their request. Since then many have asked to use it, print it, etc. I'm sharing it here:

Baby Blessing
by Chrissy Olinger for the Hawthorne Clan

May the moon shine its light and magic,
May the sun loan its strength and power.
May the winds lift the fuzz on your wee little head
And blow dandylion fluff in a shower
As the dragonflies, butterflies, buttercups
Dance and sway to your every delight.
May the stars watch and smile down upon you
As you dream wild things in the night.
May you always let mama protect you,
And always let daddy stand by
As you wander this new world with wonder
Piling wishes and promises high.

May the fields hold a million new treasures,
And the trees rustle soft overhead
As you laugh at the world's many pleasures
And the secrets you take to your bed.
Dream away, little wee precious darling.
Dream away, and be welcome to the world.
You are blessed, and cherished, and wanted,
Unconditional love 'round you curled!

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