Friday, September 11, 2009

My New Release

I am thrilled to announce my new release from Mustelid Books: This Wild, Wonderous Weasel, written under my pen name.

This book was such a labor of love and dedication. Please stay tuned for the official release date and purchasing information. It will be a hard-cover release for only $24.95. Read on to learn more!

Title: This Wild, Wonderous Weasel
by: Shanda Lear
Publisher: Mustelid Books
Genre: Paranormal Were-Romance

When Shank Thornhard wandered into Katya Paycan's life she thought he was just another drifter. But Shank has a secret...

Shank is a secret agent for the government's top-secret Secret Society of Secret Were Agents (SWAG)! Shank has come to town to investigate a rash of robberies. Who is stealing the top-secret secret files that could reveal SWAG's secrets? Is it the lovely coop, Katya Paycan, who seems to have secrets of her own?

And can Katya resist the tempation of the handsome stranger? What will she do when he transforms, under the soft light of the full moon, into a white were-ferret? Has he had all his shots?

Find out in this steamy new release from Mustelid Books!

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Kate Pearce said...

I want this so badly :)

Klara kline said...

ShandaLear, this sounds like an awesome read.

Chrissy said...

Patience. Perfection takes time.

Flicka Holt said...

May very well be the best title I've seen this year!

Delia DeLeest said...

I have pronounced you officially nuts. So let it be written - so let it be done

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