Monday, August 24, 2009


Seriously, kids, where has this been all my life? And why has it not become a raging hit? PC Magazine has, once again, pointed me in the direction of a delicious new interwebby addiction. Allow me to introduce you to FLOCK. This is going to change your life if you are, like me, a habitual networker.

The screen capture above has been reduced to fit my blog. To see a full-sized capture, visit HERE, bearing in mind it's captured on a netbook, so it probably won't fill your screen.

Anyway, FLOCK does what Digsby and other multi-taskers do, but it's also a full browser that is faster than Internet Explorer and, by my clock, Firefox. When you install the free download it will happily import your favorites and other goodies from the browser you are using. Then you simply add your favorite networky nonsense to the collapsable sidebar. Cruise with the browser fully open, then click the side-bar tab to check in with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Blogger, Wordpress, and even your favorite video and photo streaming sites or webmail accounts.

Yeah... it's love, baby!

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Carly Carson said...

Well, I'm gonna try it. Just as soon as I get this stupid assignment off my desk. And as soon as hubby is around to make sure I don't blow up my computer (hangs head). Thanks for the tip.

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