Thursday, August 20, 2009

Can I Help You?

Hi. I'm thrilled that you are terribly impressed with my tiny netbook. No, really. I love it, too. And I'm always eager to share information about my little computer. I'll recommend a brand, give you pricing details, and as much advice as you'd like.

But when, stranger who has never been taught the basics of etiquette, did it become cool for you to stare right at my screen, peruse the open emails and messages, and not only make no attempt to conceal your behavior, but blatantly point it out? Yes, I use Google Chrome and Twitter. Sure, I still like Outlook Express. Um, yes, that is an email from a friend, and I'd like to read it without your assistance, thanks.

How did we end up with an entire generation of nosy cretins who can't understand the subtle concept of social boundaries?

*sigh* /rant

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