Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ode to Kyle

For Mel Francis, with love:


Beside the door,
out in the hall,
his presence noted--
though quite small,
eliciting spontaneous smile
surprised was I to meet him-- KYLE.

Perched on his head
upon the floor,
the sentry stood
outside my door
and met me daily
during my stay
at this year's conference-- RWA.

Oh golden lad!
Oh suctioning boy!
Oh, gently leaning
shy and coy
upon the wall,
no trace of smile
in utilitarian silence-- Kyle.

He'll be remembered;
he'll be missed.
He's seen the world--
or, where it's pissed.
I leave him to
fly many miles
but never will I forget Kyle.

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Chelley said...

c'est si bonne! Vive la plunger.

Mel Francis said...

U r my hero.

Gwen Hayes said...

I miss Kyle.

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