Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Snodroddy Merriwether Properbottom

Meet "Snot." Because our lives are not even a little bit complicated, what with my health, Ahmed's travels, and a menagerie to rival any zoo... Ahmed's quick stop at the vet brought us "Snot."

No, not actual snot. Snot. I have dubbed him Snodroddy Merriwether Properbottom. Snot to his friends.

Snot is the result of a backyard breeder attempting to create a new "designer dog." His mother died in his first month of life, unable to nurse him. He was the lone survivor of the litter. He is Brussels Griffon, Maltese, and Yorkshire Terrier. These three breeds have nothing to do with one another other than size. Snot is unsocialized, terrified of everything around him, and small.

We are probably the wrong family for him. We've got two pugs, two cats, ferrets, horses, and more wandering through our lives and multiple locations. But Snot may not get a lot of chances because of his fear. So I'm giving him an obnoxious name and hoping he'll grow into it. Like the boy named Sue. He's the dog named Snot.

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Gwen Hayes said...

awwww. My Wiley was the runt and his mother couldn't nurse much either as she had a hysterectomy the next day. He's fine now. You are prolly the best family for him.

Eva Gale said...

Well... that is interesting. He looks like a dog an Ewok would have.

Diana Castilleja said...

Give him a chance. He may surprise you.

And I have to agree with Eva. The first thing I thought was Ewok too! LOL

Chrissy said...

Yeah, ewok... that's it!

He's still scared of everything. :(

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