Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pocket Full of Wishes

I've blogged about it before, but will probably be blogging about it again... and again... and again. I'm a purse-addict. I love pocketbooks. I love expensive leather, mid-priced cloth, and everything in between. And part of the reason is, I guess, my infatuation period with each new purse.

It all starts off dreamy. I am currently shlepping around with a very nice Gianni Bernini in black leather. I've had it for 4 months or so, and I've loved it for 3 of them. But something strange ALWAYS happens around the 4th month.

I need two inches more horizontally and perhaps an inch more vertically. Or one inch less. Or better outside pockets. Or a zipper rather than a snap.

Then it begins. Today I tried out Vera Wang's new line and hated all the strap lengths. Lately, it seems, every designer is insisting on providing shorter straps with no option to lengthen. Nope. Sorry, I have a very specific shoulder comfort zone.

I am not a fan of that Kathy person with a cheesy Claddagh rip-off symbol on everything. Ugh.

Tignanello is great, but they always seem either too stiff, or not firm enough. I love hobo bags, but need more structure. I had an Anne Klein leather that I liked, but found a tad too small. I had Stone Mountain, Saddleback, and Coach. I still have a lot of Vera Bradley.

Right now? I have a headache. And I hate my bag.

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